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Our team of speakers and coaches consists of highly talented local and international experts with multi-cultural and professional backgrounds. In strict respect of their culture and in accord with their strategy we foster the development of human capital through business training situations, coaching of teams and promoting team spirit.


Main areas of work:
- Businessman
- New technologies
- Telemedecine
- Intercultural management
- High responsibility job positions

Jean Michel Mougin has spent more than half of his life outside his country and has lived in Malaysia for more than 30 years now. The 57 years old entrepreneur has received a prestigious education in France and holds an Msc in Management from the top French business School HEC Paris.

Jean Michel has quickly evolved towards an international career between France and Malaysia, where he learned through the years how to adapt his work in an intercultural environment.

During 15 years, JMM was one of the corporate leaders of the SOCFIN plantation group, the largest French investment in Malaysia at that time managing 30,000 ha of planted palm oil and rubber including 6 factories and 5000 employees.

Capitalizing on his past experience, he stepped up in 1998 by becoming entrepreneur in various fields essentially focusing on new technologies like Hydrocarbon based green and energy saving refrigerant (Kumpulan Arena Sdn Bhd), telemedicine with the first Mobile Portable ECG device (Heartronics), biodegradable Fire Extinguishers using clean agent (Excel brand under Les Nouvelles Technologies (M) Sd Bhd) etc…

He received in 2010 the Frost & Sullivan Excellence Awards for green refrigerants.

He is an expert in strategic innovation, holding financial workshops for top executives and business transformation.

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