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Our team of speakers and coaches consists of highly talented local and international experts with multi-cultural and professional backgrounds. In strict respect of their culture and in accord with their strategy we foster the development of human capital through business training situations, coaching of teams and promoting team spirit.


Originating from a dance background and having worked for a long time both in Paris and abroad as a professional dancer, Mr Bruno has been able to, thanks to all of his experience, adapt all of these various techniques in order to create classes based on working in harmony with the body and working the body harmoniously.

The approach to his coaching is based on a personalised accompaniment of the being as a whole, both on the physical and dietary side, and also on a mental level in order to encourage personal motivation and determination.

Bruno’s Aim:
Bruno aims to share his personal pleasure in sport, his energy, and to impart knowledge in order to help you achieve your own objectives, whether on a physical performance level or on a more quiet interior plane.

Often time, people think that sport is a good way to lose weight. It's so simplistic. Physical activity with a good nutrition plan offers more than just losing an extra pounds; it is a powerful ally for a much better well-being. Physical activity should be as natural as taking shower; it should be part of a healthy lifestyle. An effort has to be made, of course.

This is the message Bruno is sending to the people he coaches. Often, clients are afraid at first, and it is true that it is difficult at the beginning. They feel they will not succeed, they are afraid of getting hurt. But they do not suspect the resources of their bodies, its extraordinary adaptability. Associated with a good nutritional plan, sports are your health insurance.

Bruno guarantees:

  • Both quality and safety.
  • Personalised made to measure coaching, accessible to all and adapted to all types of bodies.
  • A method combining the strengthening of muscles in a gentle manner in order to avoid all possible physical trauma.
  • Stretching based on breathing.
  • Deep strengthening of abdominal and bum muscles through exercises derived from the classical dancer’s barre au sol.
  • Exercises inspired by the Pilates method which add depth to the work out.

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