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PRODUCTS & SERVICES / Speakers, Stakeholders & Coaches

Our team of speakers and coaches consists of highly talented local and international experts with multi-cultural and professional backgrounds. In strict respect of their culture and in accord with their strategy we foster the development of human capital through business training situations, coaching of teams and promoting team spirit.

Team & Speakers
Our team of local and international speakers, coaches and facilitators consist of competent individuals from a diverse and professional background. They are committed in providing you with - reliability, commitment, cordiality, communication, professional scheduling, which ensure the ultimate support for your project.

A Galaxy of Loyal Partners
Over the years we have been assisted by loyal partners offering expertise complementary to ours. While we remain experts in our fields, we coordinate the work of other professionals to meet all your needs in a consistent manner.

Intercultural Management Partners
We have developed a partnership network, based on the expertise and professionalism of our expert consultants.

Our multidisciplinary specialists offer a specific global view of European, American and Asian cultures, which add values to your meeting and expeditions.

Most of our consultants, trainers, coaches and facilitators have a wide range of skills and experience from multi national corporations. Their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm provide assurance in the quality of our services and allow us to provide the appropriate response to various demands of our international clients.

Our experts and consultants provide the best training conditions for each participants.


Armelle Chedal Anglay
Main areas of work:
- Corporate Development Specialist
- ICF ACC - International Coaching Federation, Associate Certified Coach
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Jean-Bernard Guillemin (President & CEO Aramis Group)
Main areas of work:
- Engineering and Project Management
- Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals industries
- Automation Engineering
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Jean-Eric Husson (Managing Partner Dofson Consulting Ltd)
Main areas of work:
- International Trade
- Business Development
- Industrial minerals, mining, ceramics, building materials and agro business
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Jean Michel Mougin
Main areas of work:
- Businessman
- New technologies
- Telemedecine
- Intercultural management
- High responsibility job positions
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Jehan Begum Mougin
Main areas of work:
- Art
- History
- Asian Culture
- Curator for museums and auction houses
- Networking
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Luis Pablo Pozzuto
Main areas of work:
- Education & Values
- Sport
- Football
- Coaching
- Training - Winning
- Intercultural encounters
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Marie Christine Tseng
Main areas of work:
- Developing Cultural Competences
- Cross cultural communication
- Working with a multicultural team
- Managing across cultures
- Multicultural education programs
- Embracing life in a new Country (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, France,          Netherlands, Brazil, and etc)
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Mr Bruno Delle Rose
Main areas of work:
- Peak Performance Expert
- Mind / Body / Spirit Expert
- Healthcare Expert
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Serge Jardin
Main areas of work:
- Geography and History
- Publishing
- Tour Leading
- Expert writer
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