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Explore our pre-planned long and short programs, and find the one that suits you best.


1 day


BE Urban Wellness offers a wealth of recreational options. Relax by the swimming pool, be pampered with a soothing Spa treatment (limited 12 pax allowed at one time), or enjoy a work out session at the Fitness Centre. The wellness centre comes complete with a fully-equipped gymnasium, male and female saunas, Jacuzzi, a steam room and Spa.


  • Welcome presentation at BE (grid and in-body assessment).
  • Grid and inbody assessment & explanation by be staff.
  • Lunch meeting at Ploy, a hyper-cool restaurant that toys with Thai and Japanese flavors to invent fusion food with fine flair (a private room wil be provided).
  • Mex Pack© meeting session.
  • Selected spa treatment (60 mins)*.

*Not everyone will be able to be treated the same treatment at the same time. There are the Innovative Wellness Selection and the Award Winning Wellness selections. All treatments are limited to 10 persons at one time.

Innovative Wellness:

  • Oxygen Chamber (2 pax)
  • Floatation Tank (1 pax)
  • Kegel (1 pax)

Award Winning Wellness:

  • Massage (4 pax)
  • Facial (3 pax)
  • Slimming (2 pax)
  • Personal Training (3 pax)

NOTE: BE employs a holistic and preventative approach to health, while harnessing breakthrough technologies that deliver expedient, measurable results.

This integrated approach is the synergy between eastern healing therapy and the latest advancements in western cutting edge science. It allows every one of our members a basis for powerful transformation.

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