Today’s successful companies are those who invest in their employee’s skills and focus on their well being.

We are a team of men and women who believes that companies gain positive advantage by maintaining a strong bond in their management team. MEX assists organizations in their staff improvements, strategically design and deliver effective meeting experiences in various situations and circumstances.

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Based in KLCC area, Meeting Expeditions is a branch of Borneo Incentives, a leading DMC established in Malaysia since 2006. Meeting Expeditions intend to become a regional leader in the field of meeting planners for international corporations.

Concept Vision Objectives





Because human beings make the difference
At MEX we believe that people, apartheid from technology, equipment and revenues, are the most important accelerator for change and growth. Their pride and loyalty are the vital component in a company's road to success.

Human Capital, a corporate treasure
Meeting Expeditions acts as a medium in developing positive momentum by creating positive connections among participants. Corporate teamwork is defined by the strength of human connections, cooperation and CSR factors.

Innovation and change must be
accepted by all to be successful.

We believe that constant contact between peers, sharing of experiences are the primary vectors of a successful vision. Our expeditions assist the participants in improved communication and provides adaptibility in future public encounters.

The spirit of Meeting Expeditions rests on its customizable approach, the response and total commitment from each participant.

We build on our collective strength in response to Our clients needs, offering effective solutions for various budgets.

Clients can create their very own expedition adapted to their needs. A wide range of programs can be customised to the precise needs of the clients.

Involve companies to encourage their managers and staff to look at change positively.

Improve human relations within the company, improve the quality of the working environment.

Satisfying our clients needs by offering excellent services.

Transforming satisfied clients into enthusiastic partners.

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